With the integration between Pleo and Uniconta, you can transfer all your purchases from Pleo to Uniconta.

This is done by generating an export file in Pleo, and uploading it to our website, after which all purchases are loaded into a desired cash journal in Uniconta with all receipts attached.

Integration that transfers all your purchases made on the company's Pleo cards into a cash journal in Uniconta with attached receipts.


Export from Pleo

In Pleo, an export file is created for a desired period, which contains all data about purchases with associated receipts.


Select company

Login to Uniconta and select the company and cash journal where purchases from Pleo are to be posted.


Configure import

Set up the import so it is loaded correctly into you cash journal in Uniconta.


Import purchases in Uniconta

All purchases with relevant information and attached receipts are loaded into the cash journal in Uniconta.


Post purchases in Uniconta

You are now ready to post the company's purchases made on Pleo cards in Uniconta.